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NOREYA: The Gold Project is a karma-based Metroidvania game, in a Dark Fantasy world made of pixel art.The progression is focused on your choices between Gold and Light. Thoses will define your path in this universe.


In NOREYA: The Gold Project, you play as Kali, a fighter who once suffered the malice of a god and lost everything. She heads to the City of Gold where she will face off against the God of Greed everyone knows today as the "God of Gold".
Arriving in the lands of Lemia, she is called by the Goddess of Light seeking help: it was once these lands that were soiled by the God of Gold. Furious, the goddess transfers her powers to Kali, allowing her to face the corruption that reigns there.
Kali will have to constantly choose between serving as an instrument of light, purifying her enemies to find peace in Lemia, or opting for the power of gold and satisfy her quest for revenge whatever the cost.


  • The world of Noreya exists in two versions: one for light and one for gold. Praying at each statue will influence your karma, which determines your level of allegiance and allows you to explore one world or the other.

  • Your level of allegiance will also allow you to unlock skills specific to each deity. You can choose a balance or devote yourself to unlocking the most powerful spells.

  • Alternate between platforming and combat in each zone in a non-linear way with a multitude of epic bosses to fight!

  • Explore the mysterious depths of the world of the living as a ghost in the game. With the ability to become a specter, you'll have the opportunity to solve complex puzzles and explore forbidden areas as you manipulate your ethereal form to uncover hidden secrets and unlock new paths.

  • Discover the buried mysteries of the past through the ancient steles scattered throughout the game. Each stele holds a precious fragment of the history and lore of the world, unveiling long-forgotten secrets and legends lost in time.

  • Let yourself be carried away by the musical universe created by the duo Sarys X MisterMV to discover an epic storyline rich in emotions.

  • The game will be translated into French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Hungarian, Romanian, Simplified Chinese (others will be added based on community requests).




Game Studio

Dreamirl is an indie game studio based in Toulouse (France) fulfilled of passionate people, from veteran to junior. We released Exoblast in January 2022.

Xavier Dang and Sarys

Xavier Dang is a streamer known as Mister MV by the gaming community, but also a composer who released his latest album, Musing II, in 2021.